Estremera Servicio Móvil Asistencia ESMA

In March 2011, Estremera City Council put into operation the municipal service of “Mobile Assistance”.
This service is aimed at any neighbor of Estremera, over 65, retired or pensioner.
For the provision of the service, the user receives an easy-to-use terminal, which is directly connected to the municipal ambulance.
The terminal is a mobile phone, which can be used not only in the home, but in any place where the user is and there is coverage of mobile telephony.
The cost of the service is a minimum of 36 euros per year, payable and distributed on a quarterly basis, by direct debit, in the first 5 days of each month of the first quarter, for an amount of 9 euros.
In case of exceeding the minimum established by the supplier company, the quota will be increased by 0.03 euros per minute; This adjustment will be made in the payment of the last quarter.
The user commits himself to the good use and maintenance of the mobile terminal, essential element for the correct provision of the service.
To access the service, simply provide your name, address and contact phone number, either at the City Hall or at the base of the municipal ambulance (former headquarters of the local Red Cross).
Personnel of the municipal ambulance will contact the applicant of the service, proceeding to arrange a personal interview, where they will be informed of all the operational details and clarify all the doubts.
And if desired, it would proceed to discharge the service immediately.