Manor Houses

In the hull of the municipality have conserved diverse manors that belonged to the old great families of the town. Strolling through the most representative streets of Estremera we can contemplate its beautiful facades.

Beginning our route from the Plaza Mayor, by the street of the Church we find the House of the Columns or Camacho, an old palace with a renaissance cover from the end of the 16th century and a meritorious balconies of forge that belonged to the Dukes of Appanage. At the end of the same street are two buildings from the late 19th century: first on the right the house of D. Matías Martinez-Aedo and at the end on the left the house of Victorian airs built by the architect D. Manuel Diaz.

In the Plazuela de San Isidro is the late nineteenth-century house of D. Gregorio Barcala and, very modified, the old mansion of the Megía built in the middle of the seventeenth century where the coat of arms of the lineage appears.

In Largo Ancha or Manuel Martínez-Aedo is located the old palace-palace that belongs to the said family since the seventeenth century and whose cover is its heraldic shield.

Going back to the Plaza, we find on the Calle de las Naranjas the rather dilapidated building “Don Esteban” and on the Calle del Albollón, the one of Dona Faustina Diaz, both of the seventeenth century.