A delicious dessert that we eat in Estremera are the gutters. We are going to reveal the recipe so that you also enjoy them at home.


650 g of common flour

200 g of fried oil

200 g white wine

Sugar to batter them at the end

Frying sunflower oil

They are very simple to do.


In a bowl we put the liquids first, that is, the oil and the wine, we are slowly pouring the flour and we move it with a spoon, there will come a moment that with the spoon will not be able to continue stirring, this is the moment of Use hands.

The dough will be ready when all the ingredients are well mixed and the dough is smooth and flexible, not sticky, and also that it does not fall apart. For all this it is preferable not to add the flour by blow, always little by Little.

The mass can not be stretched all at once. Being a mass moisturized with oil tends to shrink, that is why we will take pieces of dough, we stretch with a roller, (usually it is floured the area where we are going to work so that it does not stick, but this mass when carrying so much oil does not needed).

You have to stretch it without fear, no matter what shape it is, it does have to be fine, the finer the better they are, more or less like a folio. It seems to be too thin but no, if you make them fat they are very rough, and so fine they always swell and when you bite them they break in the mouth, and it is the good thing to break them.

Cut the gutters with a knife, the shape equals, triangular in shape, or rectangles.

We put to warm abundant oil (it has to be very hot). When it is ready we throw the repapalos one by one, as you will see as you echáis inflate, we turn them around and brown them on the other side.

Once they are golden brown on both sides, we put them to drain on kitchen paper. When they are drained, sugar is added to taste.

The way to keep them is covered with kitchen paper or a linen cloth, never put them in a taper or in metal boxes because they remain soft.