Ingredients (for three hornazos of an egg):

• 6 ecological eggs
• 160g. White sugar
• 80g. melted butter
• 1 lemon zest
• zest of 1 orange
• orange juice
• 2 tablespoons of aniseed
• 125g. milk
• 9g. Salt
• 1/2 on dry baker’s yeast
• 880g. Flour of strength
• 3 boiled organic eggs
• sugar to decorate

We prepare the bakery for kneading 15 minutes and, apart, we beat the 6 eggs with the 160gr sugar, once they are foamed, add the butter, orange and lemon zest, orange juice, anise and mix.

We pour everything then in the bucket and we also add the milk,
The flour, yeast and, in a ladito, the salt.
We start the program and wait!

Once the first 15 minute kneading cycle is finished, we take a look at how the dough is going, unless we see it excessively sticky, we will not add more flour, we want to have a light crumb later on, no A compact block!

We give it another cycle of kneading, you will see how at this time our mass becomes much more flexible and no longer sticks.

Once finished, pour over the floured countertop, boleamos and deposit in a greased container and leave in the refrigerator until the next day.

The next day, we take the dough one hour before continuing with the recipe so that it is tempered and while we are cooking the three eggs that will decorate our sweets.

When it is ready, we put it on the table, degassed gently, cut into portions (in my case there were three, to make three hornazos and I left a piece of dough aside to make the crosses, do not forget!), We give Form, boleamos and deposit in the trays covered with paper of baking.
Place the egg in the center, put the strips of dough and rest for a couple of or three hours (depending on the temperature of your house) or until they double size.

When we see that they are almost to enter the oven, we preheat it to 180º, beat an egg, brush the hornazos with it and decorate with pegotitos of moistened sugar and taps of dry sugar.

It’s time to start baking!
We will have the hornazos cooking for about 20-25 minutes or until we see that they are well golden.

Remove, deposit on a rack and let cool.

Encourage you to do so, the hornazo is delicious.