Town Hall

Located on one of the sides of the Plaza Mayor, opposite the parochial church, is the Town Hall or Town Hall.

The original construction dates from the sixteenth century and served to shelter the cabildos of the councils of the peoples who until then met in the church atrium.
The original construction although with several reforms maintained its structure during four centuries until in 1980 was demolished to construct the present one, conserving only its ARCADA with Renaissance columns of Tuscan style.

The porticoed area is a fairly large space where we find the door of the building with a half-point arch made of limestone. In the windows that open on the wall, there are also jambs and lintels made of limestone. At the two inner ends of the portico are two wooden benches, where the villagers take refuge in the rainy days.

For the cover have been used wooden beams and red tile; On it has been erected a small mansard body where the clock is housed.